Sentinus Young Innovators Science Fair

On Monday 17 June 2013, Mrs Milligan took Amy and me to the Sentinus Young Innovators Science Fair at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.  Our day started off with a delay on the train but it was exciting when we stepped off the train because President Barak Obama drove past in one of his fancy vehicles!

When we finally arrived (30 minutes later than we planned) we were immediately preparing our stand ready for our first of three judges to arrive.  We were nervous (well, I know I was) for the first judge but using our knowledge of exoplanets from the GCSE Astronomy course, we were able to talk confidently about our project ‘Planet Hunting with the Faulkes Telescope (and some Belgians…)’.

It was a great, educational day out and we won a CREST Bronze Award for our work!  We would like to thank Mrs Milligan for taking us there and also giving us this opportunity.

Ciara Gilroy (Year 10)