Ulster-Scots Poetry Project

Dr C Baraniuk, a temporary lecturer with the University of Ulster, Ulster-Scots Poetry Project, organized a workshop for the Creative Writing Club based on the Ulster-Scots poem ‘the Wanderer’ by James Orr.  A competition was launched inviting pupils to respond creatively to the poem.  Dr Baraniuk has presented four prizes to our pupils and praised the high level of creative skill which was evident in their pieces.

The results and some of the personalised comments are as follows:-


Jenna Simpson (Year 13) – 1ST Place – ‘The Wanderer Continued’

‘The judges felt that the poem demonstrated superb control of language and structure, and that the writing was very sophisticated in terms of style and thematics.’

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Runners Up:-

Hannah Eves –(Year 13)

‘We were impressed with the evident passion of your writing, and by your very original development of the characters through the range of voices you chose to employ.’

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Kyra Gourley-(Year 12)

‘We were impressed by your employment of an Ulster-Scots register and you showed real passion and feeling here.’

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Anna Wolsey (Year 13).

‘We felt your control of language was most impressive- you offered some great lines and very powerful language.’

Congratulations to all four pupils who rose to this considerable challenge.  Thank you to Dr Baraniuk, Dr White and the team from the University of Ulster for presenting our pupils with this opportunity and for the generous prizes.

Mrs L McCombe