At Glenlola Collegiate we believe our pupils are well placed to make significant contributions to the running of the School.  Pupils should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills they can draw on in the future and should also be given a strong voice within the School.  The Pupil Leadership Team is evidence of this commitment.

Currently our 22 Senior Prefects and 6 House Captains have specific areas of responsibility within School.  Our Year 14 pupils thrive in these positions and their contributions are vastly appreciated by staff and pupils alike. They set out to be excellent role models and encourage others to do the same.

Pupil Leadership Team
Head Girl Poppy Irvine
Deputy Head Girls Ruby Fell
Rachel Haddock
Lauren Redpath
Scarlett Urry
Games Captain Joy Ebbinghaus
Clanmorris House Captain Emma Freeman
Dufferin House Captain Abbie Ferguson
Hamilton House Captain Anna McCormick
Harte House Captain Ruby Monaghan
Ward House Captain Eileen McDowell
Weir House Captain Lucy Crutchley
Junior School Prefect Leah Carlin
Junior School Prefect Abigail Law
Junior School Prefect Corinna Meier
Middle School Prefect Xanthe Grammaticas
Middle School Prefect Sophia Boudaoud
Chair of Student Council    Niamh Pyper
Administrative Prefect Melissa McMahon
Pastoral Care Prefect Kara Phillips
Public Relations Prefect Xue Shek
Chair of Eco Council Autumn Hawthorne