The School’s Peer Supporters Scheme provides a safe opportunity for pupils to share concerns and explore their own solutions to a range of difficulties.

It acknowledges the fact that young people often feel easier talking to other young people about issues that affect them.

The scheme involves trained young people working as active listeners and facilitators.  It assists and enhances a more effective system of pastoral care.  It is not a replacement for the current School system but an addition.  (See Pastoral Care policy).

It builds on the willingness of young people to act in a friendly and supportive way towards one another and has potential for being a positive influence on the climate of the School.  (See Behaviour policy: Peer Supporters).

Aims of the scheme

  1. To provide additional support to any pupil in Years 8 – 11 who may be experiencing personal or academic problems.
  2. To provide a service for pupils who need support but who may feel uncomfortable making an approach to staff.
  3. To further foster the caring and supporting ethos of the School between staff and pupils but also between pupils of different year groups.
  4. To help ease the transition from Primary to Secondary School for Year 8 pupils.
  5. To help provide a more comfortable environment for pupils who feel isolated or who are experiencing difficulties with their classmates, particularly in the non-teaching times of the day.
  6. To encourage senior pupils to contribute to the ethos of the School and at the same time to develop their own inter-personal and citizenship skills.
  7. To enable the Pastoral Care Team to spend more time on the most serious difficulties experienced by pupils.