News: Class of 1978 Reunion, August 2021

Glenlola Collegiate is a very special place; there is, and has always been, a very strong and unique ethos in the School. We are keen to establish a mechanism for retaining contact with both staff and pupils who leave the school and to provide them with an opportunity to meet and enjoy the fellowship and memories of time spent at school.

Our aim has been to relaunch the Old Girls’ Association but to rename it Friends of Glenlola Collegiate so that both former staff and former pupils may be included.

We hope that the existing Staff Club will form the core of the new ‘Friends of Glenlola Collegiate’ and as pupils leave, we will be encouraging them not only to join us but to make every effort to contact former pupils in the hope that they too will become involved.

It is hoped that the ‘Friends of Glenlola Collegiate’ will grow to play a pivotal role in strengthening links within the community of Bangor and also the wider community of former Glenlola pupils as they travel to live and work across the world.

If you are interested in joining, please email Maxine Porter at .