Hands Up for Fairtrade – June 2013

On Wednesday 26 June, Year 8 pupils took part in a Fairtrade Workshop.  Dr Larmour gave a presentation about global poverty and how we can take steps to make things better for the world’s poorest people. One of the steps we can all take is to buy Fairtrade products whenever possible.

Following a visit from some of the members of our Fairtrade Group earlier in the year, pupils from Ballyholme Primary School produced a play about Fairtrade and why it is important.  The P6 class were invited along to perform to the Year 8 pupils, who enjoyed it so much that they joined in and gave the primary school children a standing ovation.

Together then, pupils from both schools carried out a number of Fairtrade activities, including a pledge plate.  Each pupil pledged to do something that will make a difference.  Some examples are:

I pledge to buy fairtrade foods

I will encourage people at home to buy fairtrade

I pledge not to throw out so much food


All of the pledge plates are displayed in School.