Excellence through commitment, contribution and caring


  • To be a self-evaluating school
  • To provide a safe and supportive environment, where positive behaviour is expected and rewarded and where pupils exercise sound judgement in relation to their own safety
  • To promote a positive atmosphere based on a sense of community and inclusion within the School where all are involved in the decision-making process
  • To enable all pupils to develop fully their academic potential and extra curricular interests and to celebrate their success
  • To enhance pupil’s self esteem and to encourage them to have self respect, respect for others and to demonstrate honesty, compassion, empathy and generosity at all times
  • To promote learning for all pupils by effective teaching where expectations are high and individual pupil needs are met
  • To recognise that each pupil is unique and of value
  • To identify and encourage the development of the particular gifts and talents of all our pupils
  • To prepare pupils to become responsible, confident, independent learners with the skills required to embrace future life challenges
  • To further develop collaborative links between Glenlola Collegiate, other centres of learning and the wider community
  • To equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a dynamic technological era.


  • We take pride in ourselves, our School and in serving the wider community
  • We provide a caring, supportive and friendly environment
  • We treat others with courtesy and respect
  • We approach everything we do with honesty, integrity and enthusiasm
  • We take personal responsibility for our actions
  • We are loyal to each other and respect diverse views
  • We promote a spirit of self-belief, determination and aspiration within our School community

Values and Expected Behaviours June 2022