Year 9 Trash Couture Event, October 2013

The Geography Department once again held their ever popular Year 9 recycling event on Wednesday 9 October 2013, to coincide with their Recycling topic.


The day began with an interactive quiz run by Noel Thompson-Lyons from Arc21.  The pupils used Quizdom consoles and worked in small groups to answer Noel’s questions about recycling.  They found this really good fun and learnt a lot although they didn’t particularly enjoy when Noel passed round a canister which smelled like a landfill site – some of their faces said it all.  Noel brought along some items that had been made from other materials and two brave pupils donned re-useable nappies and strutted their stuff on the catwalk.  Each pupil was given the opportunity to design a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ logo which were then turned into badges for them to keep.  After break, the pupils split into teaching groups and completed a ‘brooch’ workshop were they were able to make brooches from old, unused material.

The overall highlight of the event was the fashion show in which the top three outfits from each form class were presented to the whole year group.  The designs were fantastic and showed real artistic flair.  Glenlola staff member, Jill Cahoon, along with Noel judged the outfits and felt that Logan Hinchcliffe and Brook Beattie’s (9E) design was the worthy winner. Sarah Curry (9E) had designed the handbag that complemented Logan and Brooke’s outfit. In joint second were outfits designed by Anna Lowry and Lauren Galbraith (9B), and Bailey Scott-Murphy (9B).