Visit of Onatti Theatre Company

On Friday 16 November, the Onatti Theatre Company came to school to perform a play called “Les Filles”.  Everyone who studies French from Year 11 to Year 14 was allowed to go and watch it.  The play was all in French and told the story of a boy who was in relationship trouble – which came with hilarious results.

The whole play was performed by two actors and they were really good!  It was very interactive and one year 13 pupil even got to participate on the stage.  Everyone found it extremely funny and I found, to my surprise, that I could understand most of what was going on.  I also found that it helped me to learn new words in French and it was a fantastic way of learning instead of sitting in the classroom.

It was really worthwhile going, and I am sure that most of us really hope that the Onatti Theatre Company returns next year!

Rhianna Hennessey

Year 13