Visit by Onatti Theatre Company

On Monday 20 October, the Onatti Theatre Company came to Glenlola to perform their play “Erreur d’identité” for all those studying French in Year 11 to Year 14. The play was about two hotel owners confusing a normal customer for a man who had escaped from prison. The entire play was in French and it had several characters which were played out by just two actors! They invited some of our girls onto the stage to be part of the performance and even had a conversation with them. The play was very funny and well performed.


Onatti Theatre visit 2I was able to understand everything that was happening and even younger girls were able to understand most of what was being said! Visits from the Onatti Theatre Company are excellent for developing your French and also an enjoyable experience. I know that all of us are hoping that the Onatti Theatre will return again next year!

Lauren Simpson

Year 14

Onatti Theatre visit 1