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On the cold winter morning of Sunday 15th February 2015 a group of 39 enthusiastic and adventurous Glenlola pupils and teachers set off on what turned out to be the most amazing trip to the Olympic village of Lillehammer in Norway. Despite the hideous 7:30am start, our Glenlola 2015 ski trip was well under way!

Joining the crazy group of divas (otherwise known as Glenlola pupils) were Miss McAuley, who is also famously known as VMac, Mrs Loder who sometimes likes to go by her stage name of JLo, Mr Robinson (The Robinator) and of course his trusty side-kick Mr Barr, who is also nicknamed Barrzo. Definitely skiing in style…

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Upon our arrival, to say Norway is beautiful would be an understatement…all 39 of us were amazed by the views and world of white…snow was literally everywhere! We were all more than prepared for baltic weather conditions and so when we discovered that we were skiing in about -2 to -5 degrees it was almost a relief; some days we were skiing in sunglasses with the sun shining which only added to the amazing skiing we were all absolutely loving! VMac even sunbathed at the top of the mountain; we were all fortunate enough that the weather was pretty wonderful with clear blue skies daily.

The slopes of Hafjell Ski Resort were also stunning. My ski group got to ski down a previous Olympic double black run which was an absolutely crazy and fun experience! The slopes definitely never failed to disappoint with several different runs to ski down; everyone’s hilarious falls just made it even better!

Our apres ski activities were all so exciting and some of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! Bobsleighing was my personal favourite; our bobsleigh went 90km per hour which was absolutely crazy! Tobogganing was also extremely fun as we got to speed down a ski slope at high speed while attempting to stay onboard..there were definitely multiple potential “You’ve Been Framed” moments!

We also had the lucky opportunity to visit the Norwegian Olympic ski jump. From the top the views were absolutely incredible and a few of us decided to walk down from the top…947 steps later we had reached the bottom and everyone’s legs were going into spasms which was another hilarious ski trip moment.

Going off piste with my ski group was my personal highlight; I don’t think I have ever laughed as much in my whole life – VMac and The Robinator’s epic falls had everyone in stitches! However, that’s not forgetting Dangels winning the quiz for the second time, which was also a major achievement, much to Barrzo’s chagrin.

I was asked what made me laugh, and to answer that question –  what didn’t make me laugh…from skiing off piste to daily lunch time antics at Woody’s we all laughed constantly! 39 Norwegian flags running around the ski resort for our apres ski activities was another highlight; there’s too many to pick just one.

Our ski groups were all also able to invite our instructors back to our hotel for dinner on the final night which was very cool and a fantastic way to bond as we all made great friends with our instructors and so this ended our ski trip in the best possible way!

To sum up Glenlola’s ski trip to Norway, I speak on behalf of all pupils when I say the trip was one of the most unforgettable and memorable trips I’ve ever been on and in my opinion pretty unbeatable. A huge thank you is owed to our 4 staff members from all of us pupils for making 2015’s ski trip so enjoyable…we’re all looking forward to next year’s ski trip already!

Saskia Greer Y12

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