Servants’ Hill Archaeological Dig

On Wednesday 10th October, pupils from Year 9 had the opportunity to visit Servants’ Hill Archaeological Excavation site on the Gransha Road in Bangor which had been organised by Northlight Heritage and Irish Archaeological Consultancy.

When we arrived everyone was so nice and welcoming. Having donned our welly boots we split into groups and were taken around the different parts of the excavation site.  During our visit it was explained to us that they were hoping to find artefacts to prove that there were cottages on the land dating back to the Ulster Plantation during the seventeenth century.
I was in group two and we were shown how they worked out where to mark everything in exactly on the grid of the excavation site. We also learned to use Pythagoras theorem. The other group had the opportunity to dig and used giant sieves to sift the earth to see if there were any interesting artefacts. We all had fun having a go at each of the activities.

We all really enjoyed it and was more interesting than many of us expected it to be!

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