Prize Winners 2020

The current situation has disrupted School life, but it has not prevented us from celebrating the achievements of our pupils in the past series of examinations.

It is unfortunate that we could not hold our prestigious Prize Distribution ceremony with its guest speaker and parents in attendance but we have tried to mark the achievements of our pupils by holding carefully planned assemblies allowing for social distancing.

Commenting these achievements, Headmaster Mr Thompson said,

“We are all very proud of our most worthy prize-winners who have found success in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Well done to all!”


PTA Award for Progress Year 8 Miyesha Ali
Excellent achievement Year 8 Erin McDaid, Leonie Hanan,
PTA Award for attainment Year 8 Emily Thompson
PTA Award for Progress Year 9 Tasha Wright, Zoe McCullough
Excellent Achievement Year 9 Lauren Wetherall, Emma Taylor
Maths and Science Cup Alex Fletcher
PTA Award for attainment Year 9 Maisie Morrow
The Emma Harvey Award for Endeavour Madison Campbell
The Gordon Cup for Public Speaking Lily Sykes
The Millar Cup for Progress in Year 10 Leah Wilson
Esprit de Corps Autumn Hawthorne, Lara Gazzard
The Cole Debating Cup Jenna Doherty
The Acheson History Cup Megan Leonard
The Music Trophy Ruby Fell
The McCulloch Cup for English Literature Ruby Fell
Business and Professional Women’s Cup Lauren Redpath
The Mathematics Shield Lauren Redpath
The Science Cup Lauren Redpath
Technology and Design Cup Sophia Boudaoud & Sophie Russell
Claire Chambers Award for Geography Sophia Boudaoud
The French Trophy Sophia Boudaoud


Year 11

Art Maddie Montgomery
Art Willow Copley
Business Studies Sophie Allen
Biology Brenna Myers
Chemistry Megan Haire
Child Development Connie Pagan
Digital Technology Lucy Wilson
Drama Morgan Fulton
English Literature Brenna Myers
English Language Brenna Myers
French Lucy Strain
Geography Malena Montoiro Kelly
German Maddie Loughlin
Home Economics, Food and Nutrition Lucy Strain
History Maddie Loughlin
Learning for Life and Work Beth Hammond
Learning for Life and Work Mia Scott
Leisure & Tourism Morgan McCormick
Mathematics Megan Haire
Moving Image Arts Paige Clarke
Music Jane Edge
Physical Education Chloe Winter
Physics Maddie Loughlin
Religious Studies Short Course Molly Rodgers
Religious Studies Hayley Montgomery
Single Award Science Faith Blaney
Spanish Connie Skinner
Technology Emma McAllister


1st Place in Year 11 Malena Montoiro Kelly
2nd Place in Year 11 Megan Haire
3rd Place in Year 11 Maddie Loughlin

Year 12

Art (E Belshaw Memorial Award) Martha Still
Business Studies Kirsty Allen
Business Studies Sarah Freedman
Business Studies Amie Johnston
Biology Ellen Spence
Chemistry Sophie Dineley
Child Development Emily Mackey
Digital Technology Caitlyn Kyle
Drama (Foye Cup) Katie Wilson
English Language (McKee Cup) Amy Gray
English Literature (Gamble Cup) Amy Gray
French Ellie Carvalho
Geography (Kearney Cup) Sophie Dineley
German Louise Simms
German Ellen Spence
Home Economics (Cromwell Award) Ellie McKibben
History (Irwin Cup) Ellen Spence
Learning for Life and Work Hannah Browning
Learning for Life and Work Iona Leinster
Leisure & Tourism Fay Bryans
Mathematics (Joan Logan Cup) Sophie Dineley
Moving Image Arts Evie Banyard
Moving Image Arts Arianna-Grace Rea
Moving Image Arts Emily Cousins
Music (Ruddock Award) Olivia Davidson
Music (Ruddock Award) Cara Larmour
Music Practical (Martin Cup) Olivia Davidson
Music Practical (Martin Cup) Cara Larmour
Physical Education Rose McGreevey
Physics Sophie Dineley
Single Award Science Alex Donnan Norris
Spanish Ellie Carvalho
Religious Studies Full Course (Sleath Cup) Rachel Harbinson
Religious Studies Short Course Cara Fitzpatrick
Technology Mia McCormick
Top GCSE Points (Parents’ Cup) Charlie Cooper


Excellent Achievement Awards are presented to those that achieved a total of at least 9A/A* grades in their GCSE results but were not recognised with an individual Subject Prize.

Megan Atcheson
Abbie Brown
Ellie Brown
Katie Clarke
Hannah Crosbie
Rebecca Culbert
Leah Dow
Catherine Devenney
Sarah Eadie
Sakura Gibson
Alice Johnston
Caitlyn Kyle
Megan Maguire
Emma Mawhinney
Rachel McClintock
Georgia McMullan
Kaitlyn McNeill
Sophie Stewart
Jodie Taylor
Katie Vaughan
Kiera Williams


Year 13

Art and Design English Literature; Religious Studies Caris Arnold
Pollock Trophy for Biology; Wilson Cup for Mathematics; Physics Clara Lee
Nutrition & Food Science Cup; Psychology; Cole Cup for Debating Emma Gordon
Spanish; Theatre Studies Cup Lucy Cheater
Black Stone Trophy for Geography; Art and Design Mia Minnis
History; Sociology Prize Nicole Nelson
Art and Design; Moving Image Arts Eve Steele
Business Studies; Widdicombe Award for Technology & Design Kristen Hanna
Glass Trophy for Heath & Social Care; Physical Education Zoe Steen
Chemistry Niamh Menzies
Digital Technology – ICT Award Asha Torrans
Digital Technology – ICT Award Megan Currie
French Zara Gamble
Further Mathematics Molly Flowers
German Emma Allen
German Kirsty Thomson
Government & Politics Trophy Ellen Graham
Government & Politics Trophy Megan Finlay
Life & Heath Science Jodie Mahood
Moving Image Arts Jessie Jiao
Moving Image Arts Katie Brown
Judith McKee Trophy for Music Emily Crutchley
Nutrition & Food Science Cup Rebekah Bristow
Greaves Memorial Award Caris Arnold
Greaves Memorial Award Clara Lee
Greaves Memorial Award Emma Gordon
Greaves Memorial Award Lucy Cheater
Greaves Memorial Award Mia Minnis
Greaves Memorial Award Nicole Nelson

Year 14

Art & Design Skye Houston
Quercus Award for Biology Grace Arnold
First Trust Cup for Business Studies Lauren Shields
Heather Milligan Cup for Chemistry Jodie Farrar
Digital Technology – ICT Caitlin McKim
McKee Cup for English Literature Rebecca Webb
McKee Cup for English Literature Emma Atcheson
McKee Cup for English Literature Hannah Dow
McComb Salver Cup for Literary Analysis Connie Allen
Gemma Montgomery Cup For French Ellie Shevlin
Morrow Cup for Geography Rhea Fulton
Carolyn Scott Cup for German Claire Magowan
Government and Politics Trophy Rebecca Webb
McClelland Cup for History Rebecca Webb
McClelland Cup for History Amy Fitzsimmons
Health and Social Care Trophy Harriet Goddard
Life & Health Science Vicky O’Neill
Blackwood Shield for Mathematics Jodie Farrar
Blackwood Shield for Mathematics Amy Davis
Blackwood Shield for Mathematics Amber Hannan
Moore Trophy for Further Mathematics Jodie Farrar
Marie Brownlee Cup for Modern Languages Claire Magowan
Moving Image Arts Rosa Scott
Moving Image Arts Amy Burridge
McCutcheon Cup for Music Hannah McCoo
McCutcheon Cup for Music Lydia Nabi
Byers Cup for Music Contribution Jemima Morrison
Heather Brown Cup for Music Composition Lydia Nabi
Heather Brown Cup for Music Composition Hannah McCoo
Carolyn Milligan Cup for Physics Jodie Farrar
Psychology Amy Adair
Psychology Wioletta Krzewica
Physical Education Louise Canning
Physical Education Brooke Stewart
Cross Trophy for Religious Studies Christy Beggs
Cross Trophy for Religious Studies Lydia Nabi
Cross Trophy for Religious Studies Skye Houston
Sociology Hannah Dow
Sociology Emma Atcheson
Israel Abernethy Cup for Spanish Jenna Dunwoody
Hamilton-Porter Trophy for Technology & Design Zoe Thompson
Hamilton-Porter Trophy for Technology & Design Chloe Eadie
Theatre Studies Lauren McCormick
 Theatre Studies Emma Atcheson
Theatre Studies Alice Hawthorne
Neville Trophy for Contribution to Pastoral Care Sara Sibley
Neville Trophy for Contribution to Pastoral Care Amy McCormick
Megan Ogle Cup for Pastoral Care Ana Savage
School Cup for Contribution to Performing Arts Lauren McCormick
The Galadriel Trophy for Sports and Studies Louise Canning
The Galadriel Trophy for Sports and Studies Brooke Stewart
Lady Clanmorris Cup for Sports Libby Morton
Esprit de Corps Cup Aimee Johnston
Megan Ogle Cup for Pastoral Care Ana Savage
Claire McMurray Cup for Efficiency Katie McDowell
Barbara Grant Award Katie McDowell
Claire McMurray Cup for Efficiency Grace Arnold
Barbara Grant Award Grace Arnold
Claire McMurray Cup for Efficiency Joanna Beattie
Barbara Grant Award Joanna Beattie
Glenlola Cup for Service to the School Rebecca Webb
Kathleen Scott Award Rebecca Webb