Oxford Success for Former Pupil

Our congratulations are extended to Rachel Porter, a former pupil at the School, who has been the recipient of a Bryant Exhibition Award from Oxford University.

Rachel is at Somerville College, Oxford, reading Chemistry towards a Masters Degree.  She is also studying Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry as a subsidiary subject.

Her award is described as an ‘Election to an Exhibition in Chemistry’.  It is an acknowledgement of outstanding results in her first undergraduate year.

As well as a financial grant, Rachel will be permitted to wear scholars’ formal academic dress in recognition of this success.

Commenting on this outstanding achievement, Headmaster Mr W E Thompson remarked,

“We are very pleased, although not entirely surprised, to learn that Rachel is continuing the tradition of high performance that she established during her time at Glenlola Collegiate.  We warmly congratulate her on this achievement.”