Middle School House Dance Competition 2013

The girls of Glenlola middle school embraced the prospect of the House Dance Competition with much vigour and excitement.

The dance competition is always a hotly contested event in the school calendar and 2013 was no exception. The theme of this year’s competition was ballet and hip hop.

Very quickly the houses separated into teams of around 15 girls in each.  Thereafter followed weeks of practising and rehearsals with dancers giving up lunch times, before and after school, and even weekends! The competition was so fierce that some episodes of espionage were rumoured as each house tried to out dance the other.

Competition day arrived on the 22 October and there was a warm welcome from the capacity crowd. The atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation from the students, teachers and participants alike. The judges Brooke Allen (a GCSE dance teacher) and Ruth Reid (Katie Chambers School of Dance) took their positions signalling the eagerly awaited start.

Each house took their turn and there was no doubt as to the hard work put in by all the girls, much to the appreciation of the audience.  The standard was very high and no one envied the role of the judges.

After much deliberation the results were finally revealed by Miss Byrne:

4th = Clanmorris, Weir, Hamilton

3rd Harte

2nd Ward

1st Dufferin

Dufferin were the winners resulting in loud screams and tears of joy from the dancers and their house officials (Lucy Stewart, Lucy Blair and Jessica Rodgers).  One more performance from the winners brought the 2013 dance competition to a close.

Many thanks to all the girls who worked so hard.  A special thanks to the judges Brooke Allen and Ruth Reid and a well done to Dufferin!

Bethany Conlon 11A