Crime Scene Investigation Event

We’ve all seen TV shows like CSI, Dexter & Homicide: Life on the Street  but what is a career in the forensic sciences really like?  Year 13 Psychology and Chemistry students had an opportunity to find out when two officers from PSNI CSI department came to Glenlola.  The CSI event began with a basic introduction to the type of work done by crime scene officers and then a discussion on pathways into these types of careers.

Then there were some interesting details about the type of information CSI are looking for and how they handle materials to prevent crime scene contamination.  The smallest detail can be useful to help catch a culprit.  We also found out that red blood cells do not contain DNA and that hair is dead (except at the root).

The highlight of the event involved an opportunity to get hands on and try out skills to help catch a criminal.  The girls were shown how to collect fingerprints using dusting powder and (believe it or not) cellotape! Many of the girls were inspired to consider in this type of work and career pathway, even though it’s not quite as glamorous as the TV shows.