Accelerated Reader Results

Accelerated Reader

The target period for term 3 ran right up until the very last day, leaving girls every chance to meet their targets – but not enough time to feedback on their success before now. Having looked at the data, I would like to pass on results for the summer target period and give you news of the splendid totals achieved by the girls over the year. The figures are astounding.

Accelerated Reader Results Term 3

  • The total number of words read since September is 289, 192, 807!
  • There were 74 girls who read a million words or more over the course of the year.
  • 18 girls read more than 2 million words.
  • 5 girls managed to read more than 3 million words.
  • Top individual reader was Rosie Page of 9B. Rosie read 3,322,719 words! She passed 37 Accelerated Reader quizzes – Many Congratulations Rosie!
  • Special mention to Amy Dong who was only around 80 words short of Rosie’s impressive total.
  • The top class in Year 8 was 8F, reading an astonishing 34, 655, 713 between them.
  • In year 9 it was 9A, who got through an impressive 28,055,872 words.
  • And in year 10, 10F read through an amazing 24,825, 317 words.

I hope you will join me in congratulating the girls on this hugely impressive effort and their many successes.  Perhaps next year we can break the 300-million-word barrier?


Brian McMillan

Assistant Librarian