Young Enterprise Company 2015

This year I had the amazing opportunity to be part of Glenlola’s Young Enterprise team as I took on the role as Marketing Director. This is an extra-curricular activity where a group of sixteen girls from Year 13 get together to create and manage a business and this year our company was a huge success.

Our company’s name is ‘ADDO’ and our motto is ‘Be inspired…’.  Our first product was called ‘The Sweet Sixteen Recipe Book’ aimed to inspire the general public to bake some delicious treats.  Each member of the team donated a recipe that had a special meaning to them creating a personal and unique feel to the book.  It included many treats from ‘Nana’s Chocolate Cake’ to ‘Debbie’s Mess’- enough to make your mouth water at just the thought!

Addo logo

As a company, we then expanded into shoe laces after realising there was a gap in the market for funky and different designs for shoe laces.  We now currently sell many character designs including Marvel, Spiderman, Frozen and One Direction as we aim to suit the different styles of both children and teenagers.


Our school is prided for its strong House System.  Every year, the pupils of the school love nothing more than cheering for their House in many competitions including House Dance, Choral Competition and Netball Tournaments.  Therefore, we decided to release lace bracelets of the six House colours, in order to sell to the pupils and promote House spirit.

Story book with lacesWidening our business further, we created a storybook which aided children in learning how to tie their laces.  A report conducted by the Daily Mail showed that a very few number of children could tie their laces before the age of six due to the popularity of velcro.  The book aims to inspire children to learn this essential task, as the story is about a young dino who faces the problem but manages to overcome it.  This book is currently available to buy at £5.00 and it comes with a template and laces for children to practice on.

At ADDO we aim to create a business of stability and creativity, while working together in unison to succeed using everyone’s different talents to their best ability.  Because of this, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as part of ADDO as it has established my love in business and it has helped me realise my full potential.

Sarah Wong