Year 10 Astronomers at Radio Ulster

Two Year 10 Astronomers chatted to John Toal on his ‘Saturday Magazine’ programme on Radio Ulster on Saturday 5 January.  The GCSE Astronomy class are participating in the BBCNI’s ‘Stargazing Live’ event at Oxford Island on Thursday 10th January 2013 and the girls took the opportunity to explain what they would be doing on the day.  They also encouraged the audience to have a look upwards and try to spot the planet Jupiter, which is a beautiful bright star-like object at the moment, looking directly south at about 9pm.

Emma and Bethany got to see behind the scenes at the popular radio programme and met some of the regular contributors. Although they were nervous before the interview the girls really enjoyed their five minutes of being ‘on the air’! You can listen to the girls’ interview at (about 1hr 25 minutes in) and find out more about the Oxford Island event at   .