The Big Bra Hunt

Bras might not seem like the most obvious thing to donate but when we heard that Oxfam were running a Big Bra Hunt, both myself and Anna thought that this was something that would be great for the pupils of Glenlola Collegiate to support.  Oxfam were simply looking for bras to be donated which they could either sell in their UK shops or send out to a social enterprise in Senegal called Frip Ethique.  Here the bras will be sorted and sold to local market traders thus enabling many local women to earn a living.  The profits are also invested in Oxfam’s global work in fighting poverty.

Every girl knows that she owns far too many bras and that there are those ones that lie at the back of the drawer that they have either forgotten about, outgrown or simply would never use again.  We decided to organise our own Glenlola Collegiate Big Bra Hunt by asking every pupil for their help in supporting such a worthwhile cause.  The donated bras were collected in special “Bra Bins” and we are delighted to report that 616 bras were kindly donated by both staff and pupils.  This is a fantastic effort and we would both like to thank everyone for their support.

Jan Montgomery and Anna Wolsey (Year 13)