TAGSA Netball Finals – 25 March 2014

The Year 8 ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams along with the year 9 ‘B’ team qualified for the TAGSA netball finals as a result of their successful performances in this League throughout the year.  The finals took place in Ards Leisure Centre, with schools from throughout the North Down and Ards area taking part.

In the year 8 semi-finals, the Glenlola ‘A’ team beat Regent ‘B’ and the Glenlola ‘B’ team beat Regent ‘A’.  This meant that they then faced each other in the final, which the ‘A’ team won.

In the year 9 final, Glenlola played Strangford, the only team to beat them in the League this year.  The girls managed to reverse this result, beating Strangford comfortably.

Year 8’A’ team members –      Joanna Beattie (Captain)

Emily Naylor

Lucy McCune

Tori Brown

Georgia Hoy

Jessica Lord

Ruby Houstoun


Year 8 ‘B’ team members –    Christy Beggs (Captain)

Evie Wood

Emily Buckley

Lauren Shields

Rosa Scott

Erin Hoy

Mia Boyd

Tessa Quinn

Lily Boyd

Rebecca Webb


Year 9 ‘B’ team members –    Kirsty Brown (Captain)

Megan Ferguson

Jodie Moore

Brooke Stewart

Emily Doherty

Ashleigh Colgan

Rachael Hinds

Jasmine Doherty

Holy Fusco

Amy McCullagh

Gemma Steele

Bethany Hughes.