RLC Aerospace Engineering Placement

My work placement was with a company called RLC in Crumlin, who work mainly in aerospace manufacture engineering of ejector seats and air bus plane wing joints and parts. On the first day I was shown around the factory floor, seeing how each machine works; learning about tolerances and the importance of traceability.  I discovered about the different types of machinery, for example turning and/or milling machines with 3/5 axis’, along with conventional manned machines and the more modern CNN machines.  This gave me a good basic knowledge of what the company does and how parts are assembled and created through a variety of processes.


RLC Aerospace 1

RLC Aerospace 2

The second day was spent being given a more in depth view of how each manufacturing programme comes about and is monitored, maintained and improved. I was shown CAD programming by the engineers and heard about quality engineering.  Then I was shown the processes each part is put through to test for faults and cracks- Non Destructive Testing; and visited the continued improvement section of the business.

RLC Aerospace 3

I enjoyed discovering about the many types of engineering and working with the people, who were all welcoming and informative.  The experience really has given me an insight into what engineering entails!

Rhiannon Wells

Year 13, AS Physics