Pupils Fundraise for “Twin a Toilet” Charity

Fundraiser for Toilet Twinning Charity

After studying about water in their Junior Science lessons, class 9J decided to help communities around the world who didn’t have clean water or working toilets.  The way they chose to do this was to raise enough money to “twin a toilet”.







Toilet twinning involves paying for a toilet to be built in a developing country, and you receiving a picture of such a toilet, which you can hang in your bathroom.  Sponsored outdoor exercises, involving all manner of water related activities, were soon completed on a cold Spring day.  After this, the very generous girls of 9J had raised enough money not just to build a toilet in Bangladesh, Asia, but enough for a whole school block of 4 in Burundi, Africa!

Mr Dorman was very proud of their efforts, and how they looked to bless those less fortunate than themselves.  Our picture frames have arrived and will be going up shortly so that we can twin our GCS toilets.

Well done 9J, and if you are interested in Toilet Twinning, speak to one of the girls involved or visit:  www.toilettwinning.org/