Pupil Selected for International Space School

Congratulations to Year 14 pupil Amy Palmer who has secured a place at the International Space School Educational Trust  camp in Moscow this summer.

 ISSET works in partnership with some of the world’s leading space organisations to deliver unique learning opportunities for students of all ages. Each of their programmes offers something unique, whether it be on an international excursion learning from some of the greatest minds in the world or their unique Mission Discovery challenge where participants can send an experiment into Space. Through close working relationships with different aerospace organisations ISSET will let Amy team up with astronauts, rocket scientists and leading business professionals at the highest level.

The camp will be by NASA’s record-breaking Astronaut Michael Foale. Mike Foale will lead the Cosmonaut Leadership Experience.

He is the most experienced British born astronaut in the history of human space travel having flown on 6 Space Shuttle missions, a Soyuz and commanded the International Space Stations. He was also the first Briton to perform a spacewalk, during which he saved the Hubble Space Telescope.

Amy will stay in Star City, the world’s training centre for Cosmonauts and Astronauts who are about to venture into space She will have the opportunity to develop the exceptional team building and communication skills acquired by astronauts using the same scenarios, equipment and challenges that enable human space flight.

Speaking of her recent selection success, Amy said,

“I aspire to go into the RAF and train as a pilot straight after I leave school and I know to become a pilot you need very similar skills, qualities and leadership skills as one would require to become an Astronaut. It is a very exciting opportunity for me.”