Manchester Physics Trip 2014

Recently some pupils from the AS and A2 Physics classes went on a trip to Manchester and Alton Towers. The journey was quite long as we took the boat to Scotland and drove down but it was made more pleasant as we got to watch Tangled and stop at Gretna Green along the way. We arrived in Wigan in the evening and our evening meal was followed by a table quiz which was, of course, won by one of the year 14 teams (my team).

Next morning, after an early breakfast we travelled to Alton Towers.  We arrived there around 10am and had a ball of a day.  We enjoyed the acceleration of Rita and the illustration of the interchange of gravitational and kinetic energy experienced on the Oblivion.  Later in the evening we went bowling in Wigan, surprisingly we were all pretty good!

On Saturday, we travelled to Manchester to visit the Science and Industry Museum, MOSI. It  was really interesting as we looked at all the old airplanes and methods of sky travel, the development of the computer and we attended a short science talk.  After all the science we need some light relief, so we spent a few hours in the Trafford centre before going to see ‘The Maze Runner’ which was really good and I recommend seeing it.

All in all it was a very good trip which I enjoyed immensely and is definitely worthwhile doing.

Becky Orr (Yr 14)


Physics Trip 1 - Nov 14