Love Psychology Event

At the suggestion of the School Council, a number of Year 14 Psychology students decided to share some of their knowledge in order to inform other students and raise awareness of some issues around mental health. Children’s Mental Health week was in February this year and so it was decided to tie the event in around this time also.

Students from senior school with an interest in Psychology, were invited along at lunchtime on Saint Valentine’s day for the ‘Love Psychology’ event.   Dedicated students Rosie McDonald-Hill (School Council), Emily Doherty and Katie Partington (Psychology Prefect) presented information about three mental health conditions: depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias. They explained some of the symptoms and treatments available, whilst also touching on the human side of these conditions and how individuals are affected in their everyday lives.

Their engaging talks helped to raise awareness of these important issues. The speakers also signposted anyone who may be affected to see the school’s hardworking and caring Pastoral team and/or counsellors.

In addition, the audience had the opportunity to hear about Psychology related career pathways and to browse the resources available. Finally, the students had a chance to ask questions and find out anything more about studying Psychology from Mrs Fitzpatrick.

This was a very worthwhile and interesting event which was organised and well attended by those who may be the budding Psychologists of the future!