Junior and Senior House Public Speaking Competitions

On Tuesday 5 February, both the Junior and Senior House Public Speaking Competitions took place.

The Juniors were to deliver their speeches first and as the hall gradually filled with more and more people, the tension and excitement in the room grew.  Finally, it was time to begin.  All six girls who represented each House took it in turns to deliver what were truly magnificent speeches.  Each spoke passionately about their topic, whether that be about a ‘Bucket List’ or about beauty being more than just skin deep.

The standard was extremely impressive and high and all girls should definitely be proud of what they achieved.  Of course, there had to be a top three, and the results were as follows;

Dufferin – 1st

Ward – 2nd

Weir – 3rd

Dufferin’s winning speech was about the House System in Glenlola, and Lauren Clarke from 8B was chosen as the winning speaker.

After break, it was time for the Seniors to have their turn.  Once again, the tension and excitement were clearly noticeable in the air, and as the time grew nearer for the competition to begin, the six girls took their place and prepared themselves.

There was not one “weak” delivery.  Every one of the six girls delivered their speeches immaculately and with great enthusiasm. The standard, once again, was extremely high and the judges had a very difficult decision to make! Finally a decision was made, and the results were as follows;

Dufferin – 1st

Weir – 2nd

Clanmorris – 3rd

The winning speech was ‘The Rise of the Kindle and the Demise of the Book’ and Kyra Gourley from Year 12 spoke passionately about her love of books and made it very clear that the kindle will never be in the same league.

Although it was a winning day for Dufferin, all twelve girls who took part in both competitions should be extremely proud of themselves.  Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that many people have in life and to deliver speeches of such a high standard, in front of teachers and fellow peers, is an excellent achievement.

Well done girls!