Glenlola Physicists deliver a Hair-Raising Workshop

Glenlola Collegiate Staff and pupils were invited to take part in Bloomfield Primary School’s Mad Science Week.  Mrs Redpath (Head of Physics) and 6 Year 14 Physicists delivered a workshop on electricity to pupils in P5-P7.

Bloomfield Primary School pupils had the opportunity to play with static electricity and even to try out the Van de Graaff generator.  This proved to be an electrifying experience for both pupils and teachers who found their hair standing on end due to the static electricity generated in their bodies.

The workshop explored the concepts of static electricity, attraction and repulsion and developed the idea of electricity moving through a completed circuit.  Primary pupils were assisted by Glenlola’s Senior pupils to develop quiz cards that made a bulb light if the correct answer was given.  The workshop proved to be fun yet challenging and was a great success.