Glenlola Collegiate Celebrates Outstanding Examination Results

Mr Thompson, Headmaster of Glenlola Collegiate School has praised pupils on another year of exceptional results. He commented,

 ‘Our girls have once again achieved excellent results at all levels; the well-deserved consequence of their hard work and commitment over the past year and of the invaluable support offered by their parents during their time at Glenlola Collegiate. I am sure they are as proud of their daughters as we are.

It is rewarding for the staff to see the tremendous impact that their dedication and care has had on the achievements of the pupils they have taught.  These results are also a glowing testament to the quality of the education provided by their primary schools whose teachers have laid the foundations for these successes. I congratulate them and wish our girls well as they prepare to move on to the next phase of their education, especially our Leavers most of whom will be taking up places in universities across the UK and beyond with one of our pupils having secured a place to read Medicine at the University of Oxford.’


The Y14 pupils of Glenlola Collegiate have achieved the School’s best ever examination results, exceeding the Northern Ireland Girls’ average at grades A*-C by 6.7%. They recorded a 99.7% pass rate in all subjects offered at A-Level, which compares very favourably with the NI girls’ pass rate of 98.7%.

The overall % of A* grades achieved was 14.9% compared to the NI Girls’ average of 8%.

Over one third of all grades achieved were A*-A compared to the girls’ average of 25.5%.

The 92.9% of A*-C grades is well in excess of the NI girls’ average of 86.2%.

Both Rosie McDonald-Hill (Canonbury PS) and Emily Wilson (Bangor Central IPS) achieved an impressive 4 A*grades.

Other notable individual achievements:

Achieving 3A*-A grades:

Ainsworth, Charlotte Grange Park PS
Barr, Caroline Bangor Central IPS
Bell, Emma Kilmaine PS
Brown, Erin Towerview PS
Clarke, Lauren Rathmore PS
Davidson, Abbie Rathmore PS
Dempster, Jessica Ballymagee PS
Duncan, Nicole Kilmaine PS
Hinchcliffe, Logan Carrowdore PS
Knox, Jemma Kilmaine PS
Kyle, Anna Ballyholme PS
Maxwell, Chloe Abbey PS, N’ards
McDermott, Jasmine Kilmaine PS
Minnis, Meghan Ballyholme PS
Ross, Ella Cygnet House PS
Sims, Emma Ballyholme PS

Achieving 2A*-A grades:

Bailey, Sarah Bloomfield Road PS
Bell, Charlotte Victoria PS, N’ards
Doherty, Emily Kilmaine PS
Doherty, Jasmine Kilmaine PS
Francis, Beth Dundonald PS
Jackson, Megan Donaghadee PS
Lindsay, Anna St Comgall’s PS
McCurdy, Abbie Ballymagee PS
McLean, Rachael Rathmore PS
Meier, Caitlin Ballyholme PS
Oliver, Kirstie Ballymagee PS
Patterson, Hannah Ballyholme PS
Thompson, Tamara Victoria PS, N’ards
Watters, Evie Ballymagee PS

Over half of all pupils achieved at least 3A*-B grades.



The results achieved by the Y13 pupils of Glenlola Collegiate at AS-Level are once again very pleasing. The overall pass rate has increased from last year to 98.2% which is 2.4% above the NI girls’ average.

With 58.2% of all entries graded at A-B, this has been another very successful year.

83.3% of grades were A-C while a number of subjects recorded 100% in this category.

Congratulations to our girls.

Hannah Dow (Bangor Central IPS), Jodie Farrar (Ballyholme PS), Amy McCormick (Kilmaine PS), Katie McDowell (Grange Park PS) and Rebecca Webb (Ballyholme PS) each achieved 4 A grades.

Achieving 3 A grades:

Atcheson, Emma Kilmaine PS
Beggs, Christy Towerview PS
Fitzsimmons, Amy Castle Gardens PS
Goddard, Julia Ballyholme PS
Harkins, Hope Bangor Central IPS
Hawthorne, Alice Ballyholme PS
Houston, Skye Ballyholme PS
Magowan, Claire Grange Park PS
Shevlin, Ellie Ballyholme PS
Zoltan, Sara

Achieving 2 A grades:

Arnold, Grace Grange Park PS
Black, Emma Rathmore PS
Boyd, Lily Grange Park PS
Davis, Amy Glencraig Integrated PS
Dunwoody, Jenna Grange Park PS
Eadie, Chloe Ballyvester PS
Fulton, Rhea Kilmaine PS
Lord, Jessica St Comgall’s PS
Martin, Dionne Ballyholme PS
McRoberts, Camryn Kilmaine PS
Morton, Libby Donaghadee PS
Nabi, Lydia Grange Park PS
Naylor, Emily Ballymagee PS
Scott, Rosa Bangor Central IPS
Shields, Lauren St Malachy’s PS
Skinner, Lauren Bangor Central IPS



With a new grading system in place this year, comparisons with previous years are difficult to make.

Molly Flowers (Kilmaine PS), Alycia Lemon (Kilmaine PS) and Imogen Maxwell (Abbey PS) achieved an impressive 11A*-A grades.

Achieving 10A*-A grades:

Brown, Katie (Ballyholme PS)
Carroll, Zara (Ballyholme PS)
Gamble, Zara (Bangor Central IPS)
Gwilt-Humphreys, Cerys (Clandeboye PS)
Jackson, Lauren (Kilmaine PS)
Larmour, Darcy (Ballyholme PS)
Lee, Clara (Kilmaine PS)
Menzies, Niamh (Donaghadee PS)
Monaghan, Abbie (Towerview PS)
Smith, Megan (Rathmore PS)

Achieving  9A*-A grades:

Minnis, Mia (Ballyholme PS)
Small, Kaitlin (Ballymagee PS)
Capes, Emma (Kilmaine PS)
Gray, Georgia (Grange Park PS)
Hanna, Kirsten (Bangor Central IPS)
Newman, Cara (Bangor Central IPS)
Power, Shannon (Towerview PS)
Stranaghan, Brooke (Kilmaine PS)

More than 77% of the entire year group achieved at least 7A*-B grades.

Congratulations go to all of our pupils on their well-deserved success.