Glenlola Collegiate Celebrates Outstanding Examination Results

The Year 14 pupils of Glenlola Collegiate have achieved exceptional examination results, exceeding the Northern Ireland Grammar School girls’ averages at all grades. They recorded a 99.5% pass rate in all subjects offered at A-Level, which compares very favourably with the NI average pass rate of 98.4%.

Grades A*, A and B accounted for 72.4% of all those achieved compared to the NI average of 59.7% and the NI girls’ average of just 61.8%. The 89.4% of A*-C grades is also well in excess of the NI average of 83.0% and the NI girls’ average of 84.6%.

GCSE Results Day

‘We as a School are most gratified by these outstanding results.’ said Mr Thompson. ‘Most pleasing of all is the knowledge that the hard work that our girls have put in over the past two years has been well rewarded and that the vast majority are now looking forward to taking up their places at their chosen universities within the United Kingdom and beyond. They are a credit to the School, their community and their families’.

Worthy of particular mention is Molly McVea (Ballyholme PS) who achieved an outstanding 4 straight A* grades in her A Levels – a tremendous achievement by any standard.

Many other girls obtained a high number of top grades also:

4 A* grades Molly McVea (Ballyholme PS)
3 A* + 1 A grade Kiera Gourley (Loughries PS)
4 A grades Nicole Waterson
3 A*-A grades
Jessica Brown (Bangor Central PS)
Elizabeth French (Rathmore PS)
Alex Gibney (Ballymagee PS)
Connie Gray (Connor House)
Sophie Hipson (Ballyholme PS)
Michelle Lee (Cygnet House)
Daisy Lu (Ballyholme PS)
Jessica McKibbon (Holywood PS)
Kelsie Mills (Millisle PS)
Georgia Parkinson (Grange Park PS)
Charlotte Sloan (Victoria PS N’Ards)
Chelsea Stewart (Donaghadee PS)
Lauren Wilkinson (Ballymagee PS)
2 A*-A grades
Emma Allen (Towerview PS)
Holly Armstrong (Grange Park PS)
Hannah Boal (Kilmaine PS)
Sophie Boyd (Grange Park PS)
Casey Chambers (Kilmaine PS)
Kara Clarke (St Malachy’s PS)
Kezia Cooke (Bloomfield PS)
Zoe Cooke (Connor House)
Billi-Louise Dempster (Abbey PS)
Bethan Edge (Rathmore PS)
Kirsten Forster (St Malachy’s PS)
Amber Foster (Grange Park PS)
Sarah Hatch (Ballyholme PS)
Helen Hooks (Clandeboye PS)
Rachel Kennedy (Bloomfield PS)
Courteney Jamison (Kilmaine PS)
Meabh Kerr (Millisle PS)
Orla Menzies (St Anne’s PS D’dee)
Sarah Montgomery (Kilmaine PS)
Rebecca Moore (Kilmaine PS)
Tasha Polley (Ballyholme PS)
Sophie Rowbotham (Cygnet House)
Katie Shortt (Ballyholme PS)
Catherine Taylor (Ballyholme PS)
Megan Wilson (Conlig PS)
Christine Withers (Kilmaine PS)

Mr Thompson said, ‘As Headmaster of Glenlola Collegiate, I am so proud of how our pupils have performed in their A-Level examinations. Glenlola Collegiate is, of course, greatly indebted to dedicated teaching staff of the girls’ Primary Schools for their early education which prepares them so well for the post-primary phase. I congratulate my own teachers who care so deeply about their pupils and continually demonstrate the highest levels of dedication and professionalism, providing the very highest quality of educational experience for the girls. I also pay tribute to the vital role played by our pupils’ parents whose support both for their children and the School is so important. I am sure they are very proud of their young people’s examination success.

We wish our Y14 pupils well as they embark on the next stage of their careers. They have made their mark during their time at Glenlola Collegiate and we will follow them with interest as they go on to make their mark in the world that now awaits them outside of the school gates.’ 


The results achieved by the Y13 pupils of Glenlola Collegiate at AS-Level are commendable. The overall pass rate was a most pleasing 98.2% which sits 3.4%% above the national average.

With 57.9% of the 454 entries graded at A-B (compared to the national average of just 53.9%), this has been another very successful year.

80% of all grades were A-C while a number of subjects recorded 100% in this category.

These results form an excellent basis for the girls as they embark on their studies at A2 Level.

No fewer than 11 pupils achieved 4 straight A grades. They were:

Bronte Cromie (Cygnet House), Niamh Cummings (Ballyholme PS), Charlotte Hamilton (Ballyvester PS), Anna Henry (Ballymagee PS), Zara Mulholland (Bangor Central PS), Shannon Murdock (St Malachy’s PS), Rhiannon Osborne (Kilmaine PS), Bethany Sexton (Ballymagee), Aimee Sheldon (Grange Park PS), Rhiannon Wells (Towerview PS), Emel Yavuz  (Donaghadee PS)

While Tamsyn Cummins (Towerview PS) , Rebekah McAuley (Victoria PS N’Ards), Leah K Montgomery (Kilmaine PS), Ellen Robinson (Rathmore PS), Molly Ryan (Bangor Central PS), Bethany Steele (Grange Park PS), Shannon Thompson (Ballymagee PS), Emilie Vose (Donaghadee PS), Daina Walton (Rathmore PS), Erin Watts (Donaghadee PS), Lucy Houston (Grange Park PS), Elleana Hull (Ballyholme PS), Chloe Kennedy (Bloomfield PS), Catherine McKee (Bangor Central PS), Sophie Oliver (Ballymagee PS) and Holly Winch all achieved at least 3 A grades.

The following pupils achieved 2 grade As:

Hannah Davidson (Kilmaine PS), Megan McCann (Bloomfield PS), Jessica McClure (Bangor Central PS), Corrie Doran (Kilmaine PS), Rebecca Glasgow (Ballymagee PS), Aimee Mageean, Laura McDowell (Abbey PS), Rachel McKee (Donaghadee PS), Emily Osborne (Kilmaine PS), Emma Warden (Ballymagee PS), Sarah Wong (Bangor Central PS), Jade Dunlop (Crawfordsburn PS),Holly Fleming  (Rathmore PS), Danielle Rutherford.

At GCSE our pupils continue to achieve at the highest levels with 16.8% of all grades A* and 43.8% at least A, 5.4% and 10.2% above the NI Grammar Schools girls’ averages respectively.

96% of all grades were C or better, 14% above the corresponding NI Grammar School girls’ average.

These results place Glenlola Collegiate School in the Daily Telegraph list of top Grammar Schools in the UK.

Nine girls achieved a remarkable 11 A* or A grades, 21 at least 10 A* or As and 29 at least 9 A* or A grades.

Obtaining 11 A* or A grades:

Hannah Ardill (Bangor Central PS), Lucy Canning (Ballyholme PS), Bethany Conlon (Cygnet House), Samantha Dornan (Bangor Central PS), Ciara Gilroy (Cygnet House), Rhianna Gourley (Loughries PS), Niamh McCartney (Rockport), Cherry McVea (Ballyholme PS), Daisy Pollock (Ballyholme PS).

 Obtaining 10 A* or A grades:

Emma Dow (Grange Park PS), Amy Palmer (Bloomfield PS), Elizabeth Brown Ballyholme PS), Jessica Flowers (Kilmaine PS), Bethany Houston (Towerview PS), Anna Campbell (Rathmore PS), Rachel Kennedy (Kilmaine PS), Emilia Morrow (Donaghadee PS), Courteney Rainey (Ballyvester PS), Beccy Sexton (Kilmaine PS), Kathryn Simpson (St Comgall’s PS), Hayley Walsh (Donaghadee PS).

Obtaining 9 A*-A grades:

Olivia Cumming (Bangor Central PS), Amy Dickson (Clandeboye PS), Lucy McQueenie Ballymagee PS), Kate Reid, Amy Logan (Grange Park PS), Katie Lyall (Cygnet House), Kathryn Routledge (Bangor Central PS), Ada Wong (Bangor Central PS).

Special mentions go to Samantha Dornan who achieved an impressive 10 A*s and 1 A and Emma Dow who obtained 10 straight A*s.

Congratulations go to all of our Y12 girls on their well-deserved success.