Glenlola Collegiate Celebrates Outstanding Examination Results 2016

Mr WE Thompson, Headmaster at Glenlola Collegiate School, has praised pupils on yet another year of exceptional results. He commented,

 ‘Our girls have once again achieved excellent results at all levels; the well-deserved result of their hard work and commitment over the past year and of the invaluable support offered by their parents during their time at Glenlola Collegiate. I am sure parents are as proud of their daughters as we are.

It is most gratifying for my staff to see the tremendous impact that their dedication and care has had on the achievements of the pupils they have taught.  These results are also a glowing testament to the quality of the education provided by their primary schools. They have laid the foundations for these successes.

I congratulate them and wish our girls well as they prepare to move on to the next phase of their education,  especially our  Leavers most of whom will be taking up places in universities across the UK and beyond.’

Advanced Level

The Year 14 pupils of Glenlola Collegiate have achieved exceptional examination results, exceeding the Northern Ireland Grammar School girls’ averages at all grades.

They recorded a 99.7% pass rate in all subjects offered at A-Level, which compares very favourably with the NI average pass rate of 98.4%.

Grades A*, A and B accounted for almost two thirds of all those achieved compared to the NI average of 59.7% and the NI girls’ average of just 61.8%.

The 87.7% of A*-C grades is also well in excess of the NI Grammar School average of 83.0% and the NI Grammar School Girls’ average of 84.6%.

There are notable individual achievements:

Achieving 3A*-A grades:

Cummings, Niamh – Ballyholme PS

Cummins, Tamsyn – Towerview PS

Henry, Anna – Ballymagee PS

Houston, Lucy – Grange Park PS

Hull, Elleana – Ballyholme PS

McKee, Catherine – Bangor Central Integrated PS

McKee, Rachel – Donaghadee PS

Montgomery, Leah K – Kilmaine PS

Mulholland, Zara – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Murdock, Shannon – St Malachy’s PS

Oliver Sophie – Ballymagee PS

Osborne, Rhiannon Kilmaine PS

Ryan, Molly – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Sheldon, Aimee – Grange Park PS

Vose, Emilie – Donaghadee PS

Walton, Daina – Rathmore PS

Wells, Rhiannon – Towerview PS

Winch, Holly – Roade PS, Northampton

Yavuz, Emel – Donaghadee PS

Achieving 2A*-A grades:

Ashe, Hollie –Kilmaine PS

Cromie, Bronte – Cygnet House

Davidson, Hannah –Kilmaine PS

Donaghy, Regan –Crawfordsburn PS

Dudgeon, Paula – Crawfordsburn PS

Dunlop, Jade – Crawfordsburn PS

Glasgow, Rebecca – Ballymagee PS

Hamilton, Charlotte –Ballyvester PS

Kennedy, Chloe – Bloomfield PS

Mageean, Aimee – St Columbanus PS

McClure, Jessica – Bangor Central Integrated PS

McCormick, Steffi – Ballyholme PS

McDowell, Laura – Abbey PS

Osborne, Emily – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Petticrew, Abbie – Abbey PS

Pryor, Katie – Crawfordsburn PS

Robinson, Ellen – Rathmore PS

Sexton, Bethany – Ballymagee PS

Steele, Bethany – Grange Park PS

Thompson, Shannon – Ballymagee PS

Warden, Emma – Ballymagee PS

Watterson, Joanna  – Ballyholme PS

AS Level

Achieving 4 A grades:

Ardill, Hannah – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Canning, Lucy – Ballyholme PS

Dow, Emma – St Comgall’s PS

Flowers, Jessica – Kilmaine PS

Kennedy, Rachel – Kilmaine PS

McMaster, Jessica – Victoria PS

Morrow, Emilia – Donaghadee PS

Sexton, Beccy –Kilmaine PS

Simpson, Kathryn – St Comgalls PS

Achieving 3 A grades:

Coulter, Imogen- Grange Park PS

Dickson, Amy – Clandeboye PS

Dornan, Samantha – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Kennedy, Hannah – Bangor Central Integrated PS

McCartney, Niamh – Rockport PS

McConnell, Anisa – Kilmaine PS

Walsh, Hayley – Donaghadee PS

Achieving 2 A grades:

Adams, Hannah- Grange PS

Bell, Lucy – Grange PS

Brown, Elizabeth – Ballyholme PS

Cairnduff, Emma –Ballywalter PS

Campbell, Anna – Rathmore PS

Craig, Chloe –Strangford Integrated College(joined  Year 13)

Dorman, Lauren –Ballymagee PS

Ennis, Hollie – Donaghadee PS

Gilroy, Ciara – Cygnet House

Gordon, Chloe –Model Primary PS

Greer, Saskia – Ballyholme PS

Lyall, Katie – Cygnet House

Magee, Katie – Rathmore PS

McEachern, Laura – Crawfordsburn PS

McErlain, Ami – Cygnet House

McGrath, Emma – St Comgall PS

McMullan, Bethany – Kilmaine PS

McQueenie, Lucy – Ballymagee PS

McVea, Cherry – Ballyholme PS

Moore, Georgia – Ballyholme PS

Palmer, Amy – Bloomfield PS

Spiers, Chelsea – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Vance, Ruby – Rockport


Focusing on the exceptional standards of attainment achieved this year at GCSE, Mr Thompson observed that,

‘89% of our girls achieved or exceeded their potential with over half of all our pupils in Year 12 outperforming their counterparts of equal ability in other schools.’

At GCSE our pupils continue to achieve at the highest levels with 41.4% of all grades A*-A, 7.5% above the NI Grammar Schools girls’ average. Almost 4 out of every 5 grades were in the A*-B category, an improvement of 3% on last year.

96% of all grades were C or better, 13.8% above the corresponding NI Grammar School girls’ average.

9A*s  & 2A grades:

Heron, Jade – Loughries PS

Huddleston, Holly – Glencraig Integrated PS

10 A* or A grades:

Carberry, Anna – Ballymagee PS

Lowans, Nicole – Grange Park PS

Johnston, Emily – Connor House Prep

Moore, Judith – Kilmaine PS

McFall, Katie – Rathmore PS

Rosborough, Jordan – Towerview PS

9 A*-A grades:

Gamble, Caitlin – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Bullar, Aleisha – Ballymagee PS

Gowdy, Amber – Bangor Central Intergrated PS

McDowell, Anna – Cygnet House

Onyekwelu, Chioma – Bangor Central Integrated PS

Osborne, Erin – Kilmaine PS

Brown, Stephanie – Ballymagee PS

Burrows, Emily – Ballyvester PS

O’Reilly, Georgia – Kilmaine PS

Neill, Laura – Ballyholme PS

Congratulations go to all of our pupils on their well-deserved success.