Cyber Safety

On Friday 30 November 2012, Constable Ian Young from PSNI came into school to talk to us about the risks and dangers associated with using the Internet.  

During the presentation, Constable Young showed us videos to demonstrate some of the dangers.  One video example was about a young man who stalked vulnerable teenage girls.  He pressurised them into giving him inappropriate photographs and then he uploaded them on to the Internet.  Constable Young explained that if someone uploads a photograph on to the Internet, it is available for anyone, anywhere in the world to see.  Once a photograph has been posted you can never take it down and it is no longer your personal property.

We also discussed the use of social networking sites and the increasing trend of cyberbullying.  Constable Young told us how to change our Facebook and Twitter accounts so that the settings are private.  This means that only the people we really know can have access to them.

Constable Young finished off the talk by advising us on what to do if we are being bullied or if we feel unsafe online.

Tell someone, no matter how BIG or small you think it is!


Alex, Katie, Lucy and Kiyomi.