International Interests Club

When I came to Mrs McMillan with the idea of an International Politics orientated club I had no idea how fast it would take off. International Interests Club, which is for Year 11-14 started in late September 2016 and its first meeting, had twenty five participants.

So why did I start the club? The world around us is only growing more complicated and educating others on political and social issues is one of the most important and influential actions one can do. Everyone can make an impact on the world, and it is our personal responsibility to make sure that everyone knows that.  There are so many debates around whether your vote matters and whether someone who is too young to vote, these discussions can make a real difference.  I personally believe we ‘vote’ every day, with every decision or action we take. We learn about the world around us, to inspire us to do something and learn from others mistakes and triumphs.  Education is power, and power leads to change.  We should be in control of our future and we have to learn to see through the bias and create the best possible future for ourselves.  In International Interests Club we do our best to include proportionate views and create stimulating debates for our members, allowing them to think, create their opinions and develop transferable skills.

So how do we get others involved?  Food of course!  One of our most popular meetings was our ‘Presidential Pizza Party’ on Tuesday 8th November, US Election Day, where we learnt about the pros and cons of both American Presidential Candidates and ate Domino’s Pizza.   At our last meeting we had 45 members – a lot of people for one classroom!  It’s going to be an amazing experience to see how the club develops and with the amazing teamwork and help of Nicole Murdock and Caitlin Campbell McNamara I know it’s going to continue to grow and be an exciting year!

Chloe Ferguson , Year 14