Year 11 GCSE Unit Examinations Timetable, Summer 2024

The Year 11 GCSE Unit examinations timetable can be downloaded here: Year 11 GCSE Unit Examinations Information, Summer 2024

Pupils need attend school only when they have an examination for the two weeks from 13th – 24th May.  For other Units taking place outside these dates pupils only have study leave on the morning before an afternoon exam.

Pupils are permitted to leave school between morning and afternoon sessions if they have consecutive examinations.  The Year 13 Study Room will be available for private study.

If ill on the morning of a GCSE Unit, please contact the School as soon as possible.  Please inform Mr Spence, Head of Middle School,  if anything arises, or has arisen, which may require a special consideration application to be made on behalf of your child.