Message from Mr Thompson, 25 March 2020

Message from Mr. Thompson  

It’s Wednesday morning and we are all doing our best to adapt to a strange new reality that no one could have imagined just a few weeks ago.  

School is now open only to children of essential workers and we have reduced our staff presence to a minimum. I would like to thank you for complying so promptly and willingly with the directions given by the Prime Minister. It is in this way, by acting collectively, that we as a society will stem the spread of Covid-19. It is heartening to see what a unifying effect a crisis such as the one we now face can have on society and I am grateful for the many messages of thanks and support that you have sent to the School. Just knowing that parents are appreciative of our efforts has buoyed us all in the past challenging week.  

Your daughter/s will, I hope, now be continuing their studies using Google Classroom. The teachers have put a great deal of work into preparing for this mode of working and I thank them for their exceptional commitment. Over the past few weeks I have seen again at close quarters just how much they care for their pupils. While online learning cannot be expected to replace all that a direct classroom experience brings, pupils can still communicate with their teachers and I am confident that if they adopt a disciplined routine and a determined approach, their learning will progress well and they will be ready for the next stage of their education when they return to school. I value your continued support as you play that vital role of helping them to establish a balanced daily routine and keeping them ‘on task’ during their study sessions.  

I know that there are still a great many (indeed a growing number of) questions which remain unanswered at present.  

My first piece of advice is an obvious one and yet I think that it needs to be said again. Do not rely on rumours as a source of information but use official websites in order to keep yourself up to date.  

I aim to send out a weekly message and will update you on what has been happening across the School community and on developments in related areas of education.  

However, I would also urge you to keep yourselves as informed as possible. Here are some websites that you may find useful:  


Pupils in Y12, 13 and 14 should continue to work as directed in previous guidance issued by the school. Any pupil who decides at this stage to refrain from study is likely to be putting themselves at a future disadvantage. They, you and all of us must be guided by the Examinations Bodies and the Department of Education.  

CCEAExamination update:  




Department of Education:  


Education Authority:  


Public Health:  


School website:  


Finally, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all key workers – particularly to the frontline health workers who are administering so courageously to those in need and, in so doing, caring for us all.   

Take care.  


WE Thompson