Canteen Menu

Canteen Menu Week Mon 23 April 2018

Cash Cafeteria Price List 2017-18

Pen House

Available daily: soup of the day, sandwiches, filled baguettes, wraps.

Main Canteen and Sixth Form:

Available daily: soup, sandwiches, wraps, salads, baked potatoes, beans.


Monday 23 April

Chicken and tomato pasta; French bread pizza; beef burgers; cheese burgers

Tuesday 24 April

Pasta Bolognese served with garlic bread; sausage dinner; chicken and ham pie; assorted paninis; mixed vegetables; mashed potato; gravy

Wednesday 25 April

Margherita or pepperoni pizza; chicken goujons; chips; pepper sauce

Thursday 26 April

Chicken curry or vegan curry, served with rice and naan bread; assorted paninis; curry sauce

Friday 27 April

Chicken burger; fish served with chips, peas and slice of lemon; French bread pizza; chips; pepper sauce